Pacific Beach is home to some of the most favorable weather in the United States, which is one of the many reasons why it attracts a large number of visitors year-round. It has a mostly arid climate, which means that the weather is mild, sunny, and temperate the vast majority of the time.


On average, Pacific Beach has 267 mostly sunny days a year, which ranks it among the most sunny places in the country. In the months of May and June, there is often a thin layer of fog that hugs the coastline, which keeps the climate along the beach still reasonably sunny and at an enjoyable temperature, even on days when temperatures are high further inland.


The coolest time of the year in Pacific Beach in January, when temperatures average about 57 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures increase with the presence of spring, topping out in August with an average temperature of 72 degrees, though late summer temperatures can sometimes reach into the 80s, or on somewhat rare occasions, the 90s during sunny, clear days. On average, only 2.5 days per year in Pacific Beach and San Diego have temperatures that exceed 90 degrees. It is this warm, yet still mild climate that makes Pacific Beach such a popular destination to visit and call home at any time of year, and what makes the beach enjoyable nearly every day.


On average, Pacific Beach experiences right around 12 inches of precipitation each year. It is because of this low average that the area is considered to have a “borderline arid climate.” Pacific Beach and the greater San Diego area have the lowest amount of precipitation of any coastal area on the western U.S. coast. The area experiences, on average, about 41 days per year when measurable precipitation occurs.

Though precipitation is notably rare in Pacific Beach, the rainfall that does occur often comes during the winter months, most often between December and March.

When it comes to severe weather, hurricanes are very rare for Pacific beach, though tropical storms and the remnants of them do come into contact with the coastline relatively often. These storms bring brief flashes of rain and high winds. The precipitation that these storms bring with them account for much of the precipitation that Pacific Beach receives during a given year.

Some Of The Best Weather In America

As you can see, Pacific Beach is a great destination if you want sunny, temperate weather that you can count on to be enjoyable at virtually any time of the year.

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